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Know Your Insurance Estimate


Replacement Cost Value (RCV):

That’s the total value of the claim, and what it’s going to take to restore the homeowner to a pre-loss condition, using quality brands and materials. 

What it means for us? That is what it’s going to cost to complete the job, just for what insurance is paying. 


The value that has been lost of these products, on the home over time. 

Over time everything loses value on a home. Because of that, they depreciate the value to reach the Actual Cash Value. 

Actual Cash Value (ACV):

That is what the insurance estimates it’s worth today, based on how old is.

The first check you receive from your insurance provider will be the total amount of the Actual Cash Value, minus your Deductible.


This is required by your insurance, and is your only financial responsibility as a claimant. 

We will accept your deductible in the form of a personal check. 

*Pleased advise! It is unlawful for us to pay your Deductible. If you have trouble paying it up front, we have other options that may help you. It is however, totally legal for SmartClaim© to purchase advertising rights from you, compensate you for legitimate referrals, and/or put a job sign in your front yard for a short time. Its only something to consider if you're seriously in a bind. 

Certificate Of Completion (COC):

This term is self explanatory. When the job is complete your insurance will require it. 

Only until after they receive the (COC) from us, they will release the final Depreciation check, allowing you to make your final payment for the job completed, and services rendered by the contractor. 

⚠Post Hurricane Katrina:

In 2005, thousands of people affected by Katrina, Defrauded their insurance company, and left town with the insurance money, leaving their homes destroyed. Historically, this was one of the largest cases of insurance fraud of our time. It cost billions of dollars to fully recover from the loss. Most insurance companies have changed their policy to withhold a final check, also known as (Depreciation) of any loss over $10,000 USD in order to ensure the work gets completed before releasing the remainder of the net claim.

Deposit - Installation & Restoration

In most cases, the insurance will send you the first check (ACV) which SmartClaim© will collect to get the job started. However, in some cases you will have to have your mortgage company endorse the check first before you can make your deposit*We do accept insurance checks however, they must be properly endorsed by all parties to which the check is made out to. We also accept personal checks. After we have reviewed and approved your insurance estimate, we will set the expectations for the roof construction in detail. We will pick colors, collect your deposit, order materials, and begin work.