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You Don't Need To Be The Smartest, Or Know Everything About Storm Damage. Because We Do!



In The Aftermath Of a Storm

The smart thing to do is take extra precaution and file an insurance claim, especially when it involves your home; your most important asset. But how can you be sure the claim investigation process is handled properly? Does your insurance*adjuster really have your best interest in mind, or their own? You want a trained specialist on your side to oversee the claim on your behalf. SmartClaim© will make absolutely sure you get a thorough, and fair inspection by your adjuster. We don't let anything get by us. As remediation specialists, we make sure to uncover all damage no matter how small. A loss is a loss! It's your insurance company's job to protect the equity in your home!

*A person employed by your home insurance carrier; an individual assigned your property claim, or your storm damage site inspection; responsible for determining the outcome of your claim.


Storm Damage Forensic Investigation

SmartClaim© specialists are certified remediation and building restoration experts. We use the latest tools, tech and enhanced photography to uncover storm damage that can sometimes be nearly invisible to the untrained eye. Especially HAIL DAMAGE. We know where to look, and how to look for it. We use the latest storm tracking software that utilizes satellite imagery of past storm systems. We can pinpoint the date, time, and trajectory of any storm nationwide. Did you know your insurance provider uses this same software? Have they contacted you? Our mission is to give you the absolute best opportunity to get your claim approved. If the adjuster assigned to you, has any objections to approve your claim, and there is undeniable evidence of present damage, then they better have a good argument. Our damage inspection is exceedingly technical.  


Restoring Your Well-being

Our goal is to get your home life back to normal in a time efficient manor, without the anxiety of dealing with your reluctant insurance company, and a bunch of thirsty contractors. We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, staffing, on-site organization, and solid quality customer service every time. When a storm hits it can be overwhelming. SmartClaim© will take the responsibility off your shoulders. We've successfully handled claims for a vast network of clients, and property management companies. We provide the best possible outcome for your loss recoveryMake a smart call today and bring our unmatched professionalism, project management skills, and extensive restoration experience to your door.  

Know Your Home Insurance Policy!

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SmartClaim© Protection Form

'Get Smart' and protect your out of pocket expense! Studies show, in numerous cases insurance adjusters will overlook required roofing building code materials, and leave you to pay unforeseen expenses after the restoration has begun. Fill out the form below and protect yourself. It prevents you from being stuck with the bill, if your insurance provider fails to cover all damages, and repairs. It gives us your permission to communicate with your insurance provider on your behalf, ascend your roof, and inspect your property. After we get your claim approved by your insurance company, it gives us your permission to restore your property to pre-loss condition.The best part about this is, it's FREE! If your insurance denies your claim, there is absolutely No obligation. Find & Sign the document below and email to: